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Celebrating Ram

The feisty little sweetheart of our house turned three years in the last week of September.

Since the beginning of September, Ram opened up any and every conversation with- “My b’day is in Sept. I will be three years old.” He was a trifle upset that Lord Ganesha was celebrating His b’day in his b’day month. Tears brimming, and too choked for words, he burst out “It is not Ganesha’s b’day today, it is my b’day! September is my b’day.”

When the day finally arrived, dressed in a t-shirt that said, “I am the b’day boy”, he went to school, grinning ear to ear. Cakes of all forms – pizza cake, pie cake, and what not, were offered by his friends from their pretend kitchen. That evening, we had a little get together to celebrate his special day. Cake, candles, and the happy b’day song was all the kid wanted all month long. The expression on his face as everyone clapped and sang the b’day song is etched in my memory. Beaming coyly yet lapping up all the attention showered on him.

It has been pure joy seeing Ram’s personality blossom this year. Ha, where do I even begin?

– Should I tell you about how he may be small in stature but his ability to stand up for himself is monumental in nature? What he cannot make up in size, he makes up with his vocal chords.

– Or should I tell you how he would stand in a corner, lips pouted, eyes downcast, and guilt written all over his face, knowing very well that he is at fault. But will NOT utter a word of apology. So much pride packed in this little person.

– Or should I tell you about how this is a kid who has a mind of his own? As I changed his diaper and told him, “Ram, it’s ok now, but you have to get used to going in the potty in a few days, ok?”, “No mama. If you ask me to do potty, I will say I do not like it.”

– Or should I tell you about how much I enjoy having him as my kitchen assistant? “I want to help you make chappathi mama”, “wait let me put the podi”, “I want to put thachi all by myself.” Suffice to say that having a three year old on the kitchen counter eagerly taking in the sights and smells enhances the cooking experience to a whole new level.

– Or should I tell you about the fierce bonding with his anna. “Come on anna, let’s fight on the bed” “give me a good night kiss and hug anna.” As he spots his anna in the soccer field, he would scream at the top of his voice in delight, “Hari, my brother. I see my brother.” What can be more special than seeing the the two people you love so dearly bonding with each other.

– Or should I tell you not to be misled by his shy demeanor? Give him some space and time, and he will be your best buddy charming his way into your hearts.

My heart becomes a pot of mush every time he comes over, holds my face in his tiny palms and gives a wet kiss on my cheeks. And sometimes just like that he comes over and asks, “I want a kiss mama.” Whatever he wants, he wants it then and there. Walking around the house with a sense of entitlement as if he is the master of the world and we are his humble subjects. We indulge him, when we can and where it is appropriate. Where it is not, we teach, preach and give him real life lessons.

Ram – it has been a while since your b’day but I did not want to let the occasion pass by without jotting down how much fun we have had raising you this year. You crack us with your silliness and tug our heartstrings with your endearing ways. You drive us nuts with your streaks of stubbornness, and you inspire us to be in the Now. We love you to bits and wish you fun and happiness as you grow up and make sense of the world around you. God bless you our little Pookie!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Ram

  1. God bless him.
    Psst..don’t tell him, I was born on the last week of SEpt too…between you and me, people born in the last week of Sept are awesome people…but you knwo that already, don’t you?

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