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Safe travels

Rows of finger loom bands wrapped around his hands and neck, and his eyes sparkling brighter than the shiniest lights in the world, Hari left to India with his dad this afternoon. Both of them are heading back home to be part of celebrations – deepavali, ayushomom of little Rasika (Da’s niece) and poonal function of Vish (Da’s nephew).

Needless to mention, Hari was psyched and has been counting down. In fact, he was so thrilled that he woke up at the crack of the dawn hollering, “Amma, I am too excited to sleep. I feel very impatient. I can’t wait to go to India.” This afternoon he had a gazillion questions around fireworks, “Amma, have you ever burst fireworks? can someone die while using fireworks? will I like it?” He has tried his hands on fireworks, well sort of, so the experience is fairly new to him. You can imagine how wild his mind is wandering with the range of possibilities!

They will spend time in Hyderabad with Da’s sister and family and head to Chennai where he will have an opportunity to be with my parents. I am so very glad that the stars aligned and this trip materialized for them.

Here’s wishing the two of you safe travels. Come back with fond memories, fun filled experiences, and plenty of pictures.

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