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Scaredy Cat

A confession before I start. I have nothing against animals. In fact I find them cute in pictures, and believe that they teach us so much about the circle of life. However, I am terrified when they are at arm’s length. It’s a childhood phobia that has stayed with me.


Breakfast done, Ram bundled up, we were just about to step out of the door when my eyes fell on the spare car booster seat lying next to the couch. An advice from David Allen that I had read yesterday flashed before my eyes. If something in your to do list is going to take only a minute or two , why not do it right away instead of letting it occupy your mental space for longer. A little voice in my head prodded, “what better time to make a change than now.” So I grabbed the booster seat with the simple intention of putting it back where it belongs, that is the car, as I drove Ram to preschool, instead of letting it taunt me every time I passed by the living room.

Mighty pleased with my determination to curb my habit of procrastination, I left the car seat outside, Ram standing next to it, and I standing next to him as I locked our front door. It was then that the drama unfolded.

Doors locked, I turn around and what do I see? A kitty cat sniffing our garage door. A little alarm went off in my head. Oh no, not today, not when Da is not here, I can’t call anyone to rescue me from a harmless kitty. I can’t even shoo him away because I have two little eyes (of Ram) peering at me, his first impression being formed based on how I react to the little harmless creature. I don’t want to scar him for life just because I am a scaredy cat (like the pun?)!

Just as these thoughts were swirling in my head, the cat takes a giant leap from below and lands himself inches away from us. A little startled, Ram asks, “oh no, a black cat, what do we do now.” Oh dear, not only do I have to overcome my own fear, but have to do so without instilling some in his impressionable mind. By now the cat was sniffing our front door as if wanting to take refuge in our humble abode. Feeling like a total hypocrite, I put on a brave face and played it cool, “Ram, he will stay here for sometime and then go away. He will not harm us. He is probably looking for his family.” That instant, all I wanted to do was grab Ram, take the car seat and just RUN. But…. what do you think happened next? The cat takes one look at us, one look at the booster seat, and plonks himself comfortably yet majestically, on guess what? why, the CAR SEAT of course….!

Leaving the car seat to the kitty cat, I drove Ram to his school chuckling away at the irony of the whole situation. A true real life Halloween moment for me this morning. Go on, laugh your heart out. Because I did!

As I am writing this, I am convinced that procrastination has its own virtues. Like for example, not being taken off guard by a cat.

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