What does the Fox say?

We can count on our Hari to bring popular culture into our household. A couple of weeks back, he came up to us and said, “There is this song that is very popular at school. It is really annoying and it gets stuck in your head once you hear it. Do you think I can hear it, please, pretty please?” My first reaction was why would you knowingly inflict misery on yourself child? But then what do I know, I am not an 8 year old. Da and I listened to it and quickly researched to ensure that it did not have any inappropriate content. So was the song annoying? was it stuck in our heads? Why don’t you try it yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyways, the next two days, the little child and the littler child were pottering around the house humming this song. As we were discussing Halloween costumes, Ram came up to us and declared, “I want a fox costume mama.” Do they even sell fox costume, I thought to myself.

A couple of days later I headed to Old Navy to check out their costume sale. In total, there were two costumes for Ram’s size – one dinosaur, and the other being, yes, a fox costume. Go figure!

Dressed as Mr. Fox and a red recycled bag hanging on his shoulders, Ram went knocking door to door for Halloween treats. We did the town parade last weekend, went to the center for trick or treating in the afternoon and did the rounds in our neighborhood in the evening. The child was super duper happy. I let him have 3 pieces of M&M, that’s it, which he obediently complied. He had so much fun doling out candies to trick or treaters who visited our house, and generally sorting and organizing his candies.

I missed Da and Hari immensely. Da has always been the one that does the heavy lifting for Halloween – buying candies for distribution, carving pumpkins, hanging out creepy crawlies, and parading the neighborhood with the kids. So needless to say, his absence was felt. As much as Hari was excited about India trip, he was very sad to miss Halloween. I have a feeling he will make up for it at Deepavali.

2 thoughts on “What does the Fox say?

  1. 3 pieces of M&M? Seriously? What a family, I say. If we celebrate Halloween, trust me, there wouldn’t be any to give away.

    1. LG, on a daily basis the kids have so much sugar…. chocolate milk, waffles, and even the yogurt that they have are packed with sugar. We try to pick and choose and inspite it is so many times that you and I would have had in a life time.

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