LMT post on a Friday

Happy Deepavali to you and yours. Have fun and be safe. Here are some little moments from this week.

– A friend called up this evening to check on me. A few weeks back I had mentioned that Da and Hari will be away during Deepavali and she had remembered. Her call left me with a feel good factor that comes from knowing that you are being thought of when it matters.

– Getting a glimpse of Hari on FaceTime, and seeing him bursting with excitement. The child is having a blast, and that makes me very very happy.

– An hour or two of quality “me” time since Wednesday. I am catching up on reading and writing, something that I truly cherish but don’t get to do as much.

– Cooking with Ram seated on the counter. He is learning about the contents in the anjana petti and what goes into the seasoning of dhal and kootu. “I love manjal amma”, he declares.

– Ram sleeping in his fire engine bed at bedtime. We love to cosleep with the little tyke, but it’s about time we weaned him (and us) of that habit. We made a start this week. “Mama, I will sleep in fire engine, but you read the book, alright?”

– Semblance of progress on my to do list. Donated toys and used clothes. Planning a trip to the post office tomorrow to deliver on a promise that I made long ago.

Ok folks, that’s it for now. Tudlu.


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