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Gestures – kind and unkind

“Can you please use stamps instead of the USPS seal. The child who will receive this mail collects stamps, so it will make a difference to her,” I requested the veteran at the post office counter. He not only obliged but also went an extra mile and used three different sets of stamps so it will add to the variety on the envelope. A small gesture but one that made my day and one that will make the day of the child receiving this letter.

In another incident, I was taking the groceries to my car with Ram in tow, who was also pushing a cart from the store. Just as I inched closer to the car, I saw an empty shopping cart inconveniently placed next to my vehicle. Grrr…..! Now, I had to unload groceries from two carts, put three carts back in their place while clinging on to the preschooler in a parking lot prone to heavy traffic. What a nuisance because someone did not care to do what they were suppose to do – park the cart in the designated spot.

I am guilty of such acts too but today being at the receiving end, I learnt a lesson or two about how our lives are more interconnected than we think. Every action we take makes an impact somewhere to someone. That a lot of times, if we just keep doing what we are suppose to be doing, it will go a long way in making a difference.

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