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Some silliness

Allow me to toot my horn before coming to the point of the post. If you have watched tamizh movies (eg. Michael Madana Kama Raj) or dramas (remember Madhu Cheenu?), you must be familiar with Crazy Mohan and Madhu Balaji. They are my dad’s cousins, which makes them my cousin uncles (ok, gloating done)! The reason I bring them up in this post is because some of the conversations we have with Ram are what I call as “Crazy Mohan” moments. Read on for a sample.

Conversation 1:
One night I was in the basement catching up with work while Ram came down after his dinner. I asked him in all eagerness, “Did you eat Maggi kannama? how was it? did you like it?” Mildly disturbed Ram answered, “No mommy, I no eat Maggie. Maggie has gone home. I eat noodles”

While I was talking about 2-min. Maggi noodles, Ram was talking about his friend Maggie from school. Well, let’s say that I have learnt not to use Maggi and noodles in the same sentence anymore!

Conversation 2
We had gone to a friend’s house for golu. Ram was dressed in his Kurta. Commenting on the kurta, the friend asked, “Ram, did your paatti buy this for you from India?” To which Ram replied, “No. Patty is in pre-school. This kurta is from India”. Our friend was referring to his grandma, the child was referring to his teacher at school.

Conversation 3
Ok, this is not a “Crazy Mohan” moment, but the humor in this conversation prompted me to write it here.

Ram was playing with his legos and wanted to move on to his cars. I reminded him, “Ram before you move to the next set of toys, please clean up your legos.” He thinks for a second and tells me, “Mom, let’s do team work. You clean up the legos and I will play with the cars.”

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