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Rainbow/Finger Loom

A few weeks back, Hari came up to me and said, “Nina’s mom made starburst for her at home, do you think you can make it for me as well?” I didn’t quite get it. “What, have folks started making bubblegums at home?” was my first thought until I gave myself a knock on my head for being such a tubelight and reminded myself that it’s a certain kind of bracelet made out of rubber bands that Hari had mentioned a couple of nights back.

Rainbow or Finger Loom is the latest craze rocking the world of elementary school children here. In some cases, their parents as well. It is a craft activity made out of rubber bands either using a store bought kit or your fingers, with the end result being bracelets or necklaces. Hari has been learning one design after the other, mostly self taught from videos on YouTube.

I have tried my hands on it as well and find them therapeutic and quite addicting. What with one preschooler eager to pick colors for me, and another third grader pressuring me into keeping up with him!

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