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LMT for this week

Hard to believe that it is already Thursday, and for once I am rejoicing at how quickly this week has gone by. Time to take stock of our little moments this week, shall we? Here goes mine.

– Lugging my iPhone, home phone, laptop and a book, I have been settling down in Hari’s bottom bunk bed at night after tucking Ram at bedtime. I have come to love this little nook that has been my get away after a whirlwind of a day every day this week. My back leaning on two soft pillows, a warm comforter to cozy me up, a small reading light by my side, with the heavy breathing of the little child to give me company as I type away or read. Bliss…!

– The joy of anticipation. Two of my most favorite people will arrive tomorrow. The peace and quiet was much cherished as long as I was reeling from the contrast of being busy. Now, I am itching for their company and tomorrow cannot come soon enough!

– Exclusive time with Ram, who totally loved the one on one attention he got from me. From my part, I enjoyed getting to know Ram some more and spending quality and quantity time with him. We had our own routine, which anchored both of us and kept us chugging along.

– I finally learnt how to use Whatsapp. I was so proud of myself when I shared Ram’s picture and voice recording with Da. A big deal for a laggard like me.

– Last week, we had parent teacher conference for Hari. The teacher opened up the discussion by thanking us for sharing Hari with her. She concluded by saying, “I have him right where I want him, in the palm of my hands. All I need to do is steer and stretch him for rest of the school year.” Hari is incredibly lucky to have a genuine teacher like her.

– This week I had a call with Ram’s teacher, and she said how Ram has a big personality trapped in a little body. She told me how although he kept to himself in the beginning of the school year, now he has gotten really pally and at home in the school. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your child is safe, loved, and is happy is priceless, isn’t it?

– Realized after hitting the publish button that this my 100th post here in WP. Yay…! I have been blogging on and off for the past 8 years or so. Hurray to that.

Alright then, closing for now. I am all ears to know what your little moments were for this week.

2 thoughts on “LMT for this week

  1. You are one happy mom this week, aren’t you? Good for you. May it last forever.
    Congratulations on the 100th post. And on the eight years of sustained writing.

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