Happy Weekend

They are back. They are here.

Decibel level has shot up. Goofiness factor has gone through the roof. The new gadget with its accessories and the bakshanam from the poonal have taken over the kitchen counter. A stack of new books and a mountain of new clothes are piled in one corner of the living room, while the suitcases have taken up another corner. Ha, our house now feels like a home. Our sweet little home.

So many questions to ask. So many things to share. We have missed each other and are happy to be back under the same roof. I am sure tomorrow we will pull each other’s hair out, but today this togetherness is bliss. That’s the kind of sentiment a few days of separation will evoke.

On that note, happy weekend to you all.

5 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Yeah, nice. Even when they drive you up the wall on a Monday morning, there’s nothing like having family around. Soak ’em up.

    1. LG – sorry, not sure why my dad’s comment got sent as reply to you. May be he inadvertently clicked the reply button.

      Yes, totally soaking them up.

      1. Ok, it was actually my bad. I misunderstood the way the comment grouped as a reply to your email. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Hope you will find useful the books sent by AM. He was happy that i could send all of them, and you will like them immensely. The books from Karadi and Tulica will be liked by R and H.

    1. Ram loves the Tulika books. We have not ripped the CDs for Karadi Tales, so waiting for that be done before releasing to the kids. Calling AM is on my list of things to do. Da and I are very touched that he gave it to us. We will put it to good use.

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