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HONY, a.k.a, Humans of New York

Fired from his job as a bond trader, Brandon Stanton set out with a camera in hand, passion in his heart, and a vague idea in his head. One thing lead to another, and culminated into HONY, a photo blog that documents anecdotes from people on the streets of New York. Brandon has this amazing ability to approach random people, strike a conversation and have them share some of their profound and vulnerable moments in their life – what inspires them? what was the saddest moment of their life? what are their dreams? so on and so forth. He records these conversations as is with the consent of his subjects. Each picture tells a story, brings a perspective, and sheds light on the breadth and depth of human spirit. Thanks to FaceBook, Brandon’s seed of an idea has taken strong roots and blossomed into something bigger. Brandon Stanton has used the power of his blog to foster acts of kindness. He has recently published HONY as a book.

I am in awe of Brandon Stanton. The courage to go with his heart, the conviction that it will take him somewhere, the confidence that he can make it happen and the willingness to shape his idea as the journey progressed. Pretty awesome, huh?

Don’t take my word for it, go check out the blog for yourself. It’s a good place to get lost in…!

2 thoughts on “HONY, a.k.a, Humans of New York

  1. Loved it. This is one of the things blogging has taught me. To see the beauty in tiny incidents that previously never occurred to you as interesting. The carpool conversations by my kid and her friends are eye-opening for me many times.

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