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Exhaustion central

Sunday is the busiest day of the week for me, atleast in the fall and spring when I have dance class. By the end of the day, I am bone tired and completely brain cramped, and can’t hit the sack soon enough. Today was no exception. The only saving grace is I am taking the day off tomorrow to hang out with the kids, who have a long weekend on account of Veteran’s Day.

4 thoughts on “Exhaustion central

  1. Ah, but “nice” exhausted, no? Having done something you love – your body hurts, but it is a nice-kind of hurt. Like my friend calls it (sorry if it crosses decency lines), orgasmic pain.
    After my music classes, I can’t talk for a couple of hours and my throat feels like it was ripped out, but I love that feeling.

    1. LG – The exhaustion is not purely from the dance class and culture class, in which case it would have be the nice exhaustion. It is with other things that need to happen along with these pursuits such as chores for the day, preparation for the week etc. that also get piled up on Sunday leaving me gasping for breath. I should plan my day better so that the chores part of the Sunday gets distributed to some other day of the week.

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