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To the Edge

About a year and a half back when we were vacationing in Niagra, we saw a man rope walk from one skyscraper to another. We hear about dare devil acts all the time, but this was the first time I witnessed one first hand. I stood there awestruck wondering – what makes someone indulge in such daredevil acts? why take the risk? what makes him want to do it? is such laser sharp focus even humanely possible? I think I found my answers today.

Ted Radio Hour is one of my favorite programs on NPR. You are probably familiar with Ted Talk. What Ted Radio Hour does is combine two or three Ted Talks on the same subject and infuse different perspectives through real life experiences. To say that it is an inspiring show is a gross understatement.

This morning I heard “To the Edge”, which explored the topic – “What motivates explorers to venture into the unknown. Some people might only dream of adventure, but for others, there’s no option but to explore the most extreme places on Earth. What drives adventurers to constantly push to the brink of human endurance? In this hour, TED speakers share their experiences of going to the edge of our world

There are four or five adventurers who share their adventures in the program. Roz Savage, the rower, was my personal favorite. Her experience was probably the one that inspired me the most because she is an adventurer who did not start by being fearless, or by knowing all the answers. She had fears, just like you and me, but she conquered them along the way. She did what it took. She figured it out as she plodded along.

Please listen to the audio clipping of the entire show. The program runs for roughly 50 mins and I promise you, it is 50 mins of your time well spent. It dares you to dream and bring those dreams to life.

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