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Turning Nine

Barely able to keep my eyes open, I impatiently tucked Hari last night so I can finally settle down for my “me” time. Like I always do, I asked him, “what made you happy today kanna?” and without missing a beat he replied, “all the work that you did to celebrate my b’day amma” Ha, he had noticed the efforts that had gone into celebrating his special day. His acknowledgement of it touched the depths of my heart, and in that instant the exhaustion from running around the whole day melted away just like that. “I will do it a thousand times over for you my child,” I thought to myself. It’s precisely moments like these that make parenting experience the magical adventure that it is, isn’t it?

The other day I accidently knocked my leg on the dishwasher door, and whimpered. Hari saw me in pain. Without wasting a second, took an ice pack from the refrigerator and pressed it on my legs. All the while staying calm, trying to do what made the most practical sense with the maturity of an adult. No wonder I feel more confident and stronger when he is around, by my side.

More often than not, I tend to be hard on myself. Hari is the best antidote I could have asked for. With his goofiness, sarcasm and wisecracks, he constantly reminds me to not take myself so seriously. “Hari, I feel like I have had a lot of sugar for the past few months, so I am going to try stop eating sugar for this month” With mischief dancing in his eyes he said, “Good for you amma. But don’t worry, that will not inspire me to stop eating junk.”

He was required to do a cover page for his writing journal at school. The cover page was suppose to be a representation of who he is. He chose to do a collage that would capture all the special things we did together as a family. The smile on my face stretched a mile long as he drew a picture of our family to give that personal touch.

I cherish the sibling-ness between Hari and Ram – the protectiveness, the way Hari teaches Ram, and the pride that Ram is his little brother, and the unadulterated love he bears for him. I also love seeing Hari trying so hard to curb his frustration when Ram drives him bonkers – the gritting of the teeth, the rolling of the eyes, the tension in his being. Who better trainer than a little brother to learn to accept people for who they are?

Hari and I have a little game. When I say “I love you” to him, he would retort “I love you more than you love me”, and our silly competition would extend from there. As I fondly tuck away the clothes that he has outgrown, or the toys he is done playing with, I embrace them a little longer, thankful for all the good times we have had.

On your special day Hari, wishing you happiness, good health, lots of fun, and all the things that you wish for, today and always. Love you to bits little one God bless you my child. And yes, I will try not embarrass you with hugs and kisses in public, only smother you within the four walls of our house, cool beans?

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