Happy Thanksgiving

During the first few years of my move to the U.S., I used to associate Thanksgiving with superficial things. A break from the daily grind. Grabbing the best sale the day after. Planning a getaway during the four-day weekend. But since then I have grown up. The days leading up to Thanksgiving are filled with reflection and warm sentiments. It’s time to just be. With folks that I hold close to my heart. To take out the Christmas tree and get ready for the holiday season. No wonder, it is a beloved holiday.

Here are some sentiments swirling in my head this Thanksgiving morning.

The fullness of life, the competing priorities, and the constant running around. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The family that accepts me for who I am. With the good, the bad and the ugly.

Celebrating friends we have adopted as family. The four desi families in our neighborhood will gather tonight for food, company and merriment. A tradition that has come to be.

The voice of reason. Even when there is a storm raging in my head, there is a voice of reason that takes a step back to look at the big picture, filters the noises from the issues, and gives me the much needed strength to be the eye in the storm.

TedTalks, Zen Habits, HONY, and the several memoirs I have read this year. I have leaned on them as I traverse the journey of finding myself. I have always been in awe of the spirit of human resilience, but the richness of these real life stories have taught me that I too can choose to be resilient.

Born in this day and age. The technology that allows me to learn Tamizh from my parents via Skype. The society that has diminishing tolerance for discrimination in the name of age, sex, or for that matter the choices we make.

On that note, I have to take leave of you now. I have two little people demanding pancakes and whipped cream on the side. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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