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Happy 2014

Hope all of you are getting geared up to welcome the new year as much as I am.

2013 is the year in which I learnt what my 3 year old is now learning at preschool – “you get what you get and you do not get upset.” You know how some people say life is beautiful, others think life is good, and yet others will say life is unfair. So many ways to explain life depending on how your and other people’s life experiences have shaped you as a person. My way of describing life this year is that it is humbling. Myriad experiences, some result of the choices we make and others that are thrust on us, and yet what matters at the end of the day is that you embrace them, and march ahead like a brave trooper because it is what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less.

These are the themes resonating in my mind this morning when I think about the coming year. One day at a time. Live life fully. Live life mindfully. Live life meaningfully. Embrace the good, bad and the ugly. They are what they are. Take baby steps, and do so in a consistent manner, and you are bound to make incremental progress. I read somewhere that life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself. That’s what I hope to do this coming year and I wish you the same as well. Wishing you health, happiness, love, prosperity and peace of mind. In 2014 and always. Happy New year to you and yours.

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Blah, blah and blah

Today was one of those days. A day of being the queen of grumpiness and princesses of sulkiness.

I started by being Zen about it. I observed those nasty emotions as they ebbed and flowed. I noticed how my thoughts were all about ME, ME and ME. I realized I was being judgmental and struggled with letting go. I saw how I was unpleasant to the husband and the kids. I caught myself reaching out for comfort food. I sensed a storm brewing in my head. And before I knew it, the words came tumbling down like a torrential rain wreaking havoc.

The human mind – can be your best friend or your worst enemy, isn’t it?

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Since this year Thanksgiving was in the last weekend of November instead of last but one, it feels like the holiday season was shortchanged and Christmas just snuck up on us. We are expecting company tomorrow, so the boys and I rolled up our sleeves tonight for an early start to our Christmas tradition of baking cookies and brownies.

Hari was on the cusp of outgrowing Santa last year, and this year that he knows the secret behind Santa is official. Apparently kids just find out, that’s what I learnt from eavesdropping in one of the carpool conversations – “I wondered how Santa uses the same wrapping paper as my mom”, “I noticed my mom’s handwriting on the presents”. Hari said that the revelation made him a little sad, but there were others who were practical about it. “I am actually glad that I know it. I will not wonder how to prove to Santa that I have been good or how he keeps track of what I am doing.”

That being said, we did our usual things. We put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Decorating the tree with the kids is pure fun. Ram was super thrilled and actively participated in decking up the tree. Hari has volunteered to partner with us to keep up the story of Santa for Ram. I love how when Hari is growing out of a phase, Ram is growing into it. Tomorrow, we will track Santa, and have a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I hope you are enjoying the festivities and having a rested holiday season. Merry Chirstmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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LMT Post

As I started the day, the only option seemed to be toughing them out. By them, I meant the soar throat, the terrible headache, the back to back conference calls, and the plethora of other time sensitive work commitments. But the evening was kinder to me and brought with it unexpected surprises. An opportunity to drive by the local downtown, which was sparkling with holiday decorations. First sighting of Santa inflatables and Christmas lights. Long catch up session with a good friend. Victory dance for little Ram who pooped in the potty of his own accord. A nice warm heartfelt hug from Hari, “Amma, we haven’t hugged since this morning. Now give me a nice big one.” Thank God for little mercies!