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Happy 2014

Hope all of you are getting geared up to welcome the new year as much as I am.

2013 is the year in which I learnt what my 3 year old is now learning at preschool – “you get what you get and you do not get upset.” You know how some people say life is beautiful, others think life is good, and yet others will say life is unfair. So many ways to explain life depending on how your and other people’s life experiences have shaped you as a person. My way of describing life this year is that it is humbling. Myriad experiences, some result of the choices we make and others that are thrust on us, and yet what matters at the end of the day is that you embrace them, and march ahead like a brave trooper because it is what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less.

These are the themes resonating in my mind this morning when I think about the coming year. One day at a time. Live life fully. Live life mindfully. Live life meaningfully. Embrace the good, bad and the ugly. They are what they are. Take baby steps, and do so in a consistent manner, and you are bound to make incremental progress. I read somewhere that life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself. That’s what I hope to do this coming year and I wish you the same as well. Wishing you health, happiness, love, prosperity and peace of mind. In 2014 and always. Happy New year to you and yours.

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