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Ommachi Kapathu or Pretend Play

…. and is there even a difference if you are a three year old?

Ram hearts pretend play and the world of fantasy. So the practice of offering prasadam to Ommachi (Deities) is a blessing in disguise for the child. Holding the silver bowl with steaming white rice in his tender hands, he would leave it at the altar and quickly add, “Ommachi don’t eat it right away. It’s very hot. Let me blow it for you… uuuuffffffff.” Or he would take his corn muffin in a bowl and pick an Ommachi frame and unilaterally declare, “I think this Ommachi is hungry today, let’s give the muffin to Him. Here you go Ommachi, you can have the muffin.” Sweet innocence!

On that note, Happy Hanumath Jeyanthi to you all. Hari recited a couple of slokams with me this morning. Ram listened to the story of Hanuman for the first time and couldn’t have enough of it. I joined MS in reciting the Hanuman Chalisa. Know what is my favorite thing about Hanuman? The orange Sindhuram. Today I learnt that Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Once Hanuman learnt that Lord Rama likes Sindhuram, he covered himself with Sindhuram to earn Rama’s affection, which is why many Hanuman statues are smeared with Sindhuram.

Winding up this post with bhajans from the littlest devotee of our house. This was recorded when Ram was 2.5 years; just when he had started stringing words together.

Ram Lakshmana Janaki
Bhaja Govindam

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