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Video games

As I was arranging Ram’s clothes in his dresser this evening, Hari came up to me with the Scholastic newsletter from school and asked me rather confidently, “Hey mom, do you think I could play video games tonight?” An odd request, given that the rules governing video games are very stringent in our household. Half-hour during weekends and holidays. Not a minute on other days. Hari knows that this arrangement is non-negotiable. Yet, how could he let an opportunity go to waste without giving a shot at milking it? He pointed me to a research in Germany that showed that certain parts of the brain actually grew when people were made to play video games for half hour every day for two months.

It was my turn to roll my eyes and throw my hands in the air. Really Scholastic? was this necessary? aren’t you suppose to be anti-video games?

2 thoughts on “Video games

  1. Hari will always attack with a valid point in hand that will make you think and force to toe his line …….A good lawyer in the making !!!!!!!!!

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