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Mr. Sulky and Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Sulky and Mr. Grumpy are tossing and turning in bed as I type this post. Mr. Sulky is sulking because Mr. Grumpy unknowingly used Mr. Sulky’s homework log to practice his budding art skills. So Mr. Sulky is losing sleep over the possible embarrassment he will face when he reports the incident to his teacher tomorrow. Mr. Grumpy is grumpy at the unfairness of his art work being taken away, and in an act of stubbornness has decided not to wear his pull-ups tonight and “read” his bedtime story all by himself.

Tell you, it was quite the entertainment as the drama unfolded tonight. Like prime time reality show.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Sulky and Mr. Grumpy

  1. A thorough entertainment, Mrs.Chimpy , their mother most enjoyable comedy.
    The Oscar award for the best comedy skit goes to Mr. Sulky and Mr. Grumpy.
    More welcome ………

    1. The whole scene was so funny…. both of them were crying their lungs out and I kept hugging them, not out of sympathy but to hide my irresistible laughter.

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