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Let it snow (LMT Post)

Can someone please give me a shoulder rub and make some nice piping hot tomato soup please? Da and I are sore from all the shoveling tonight. The NorthEaster did not hit us as badly as some of our neighboring states, but it was a storm nevertheless. A storm that saw us break our backs clearing wet heavy snow. This winter has been atrocious like that. With sub zero temperatures and storms on a weekly basis, spring feels like a mirage that is so near yet beyond our grasp. Truth be told, despite the inconveniences and despair, the snow brings with it its share of little moments. What could those be?

– Just after typing in the code for our garage door, I turn around and what do I see? Lo behold, little Ram picking up snow and happily stuffing it in his mouth. “It is so tasty mama”, he says slurping the white fluffy snow with an innocence that only a 3-year old can radiate. I feel a wave of love wash over me that instant. I scoop him in my arms and give him wet sloppy kisses that he hurriedly wipes away.

– We have assigned tasks in our household when it comes to shoveling. Da takes out the snowblower, Hari shovels the walkway, I clear the snow dumped by the street snow plow, and Ram does whatever he wants. As I secretly observe Hari shovel the walk way, with a sense of focus, I nod to myself knowing that this little child will be a fine gentleman one day.

– After 13 years of being married, bonding happens not over candle lit dinner or heart shaped candies, but in catching curve balls. As we learn about the impending storm, Da and I team up, and divide and conquer, so that we can work around the inconveniences that a snow day entails while keeping things in motion on the work front.

– As labor intensive as shoveling is, there is a certain sense of calmness that permeates you as you pick up one scoop of snow after the other, slowly chipping away what was an insurmountable pile to begin with. It teaches you the power of baby steps, consistent efforts, and incremental progress.

– As I take short breaks when I shovel, I can’t help but soak in the purity of the white snow surrounding me. Oh such breathtaking beauty!

– A sense of comradeship as you see your neighbors roll up their sleeves and doing what we are doing.

On that note, good night and sleep tight, I am going to bed knowing that we are one day closer to spring. Yay to that!

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