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Winter break (LMT post)

A bit of an unusual week in our household. The kids are on winter break. No camps, just chilling at home. Fun for kids but bit of a challenge for Da and I given that both of us are working three out of four working days. The line between work and life blurred and vanished this week. Thankful for the flexibility but looking forward to some separation between work and life next week.

Jotting down some cherished moments for this week.

– No school means no tennis, no Sunday school, no hockey games, no skiing, and no math team. What is not to love about getting all that time back to ourselves…!

– A nice two-hour nap on Sat. Ha, bliss..!

– Watching Hari teach himself to snowboard. Falling down, picking himself up, honing the balancing act and sliding with more confidence with every practice session. Loved his spirit of adventure and perseverance.

– Seeing Ram have the time of his life as we went sledding. This was the child that initially said, “I do not like sledding amma. I only want to make snowman. I do not want to go sledding”. After a couple of attempts, he took an about turn, “I do not want the small hill amma, I want to go to the big hill, just like anna” The magic of some pushing and nudging.

– Da’s b’day celebrations. We kept it low profile just like how he likes it. Minion tshirts, mini cup cakes, dinner and movie pretty much sums it up. It was our way of making his special day meaningful.

– The said dinner and movie was at the local library. We watched “Flight of the Navigator”, a movie made in the 80s. Such a clean movie, that was equally enjoyed by the kids and the adults.

From tomorrow evening, we will be back to our extra curricular activities and school routine. Let the madness continue!

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