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Phew…! (LMT Post)

Life sure has kept us on our toes these past few weeks. Happy to report that all of us have been working hard and have stayed focused, tackling one deadline after the other and resisting the temptation to multitask commitments. Some simple joys and small wins savored along the way include:

– Stepping beyond comfort zone. Nothing pushes me outside my comfort zone like my work does. Time and again, it has challenged me to throw my hat over the fence and go get it. There is a lot of reluctance, discomfort and restlessness along the away, but how else does one grow?

– Hari had a great hockey season. His team languished but as an individual player, he had his moments of glory. He got selected as the player of the game three times this season. Makes me happy because the child eats, sleeps and breathes sports. It’s a nice bonus when that passion is paired with potential.

– Bonding with Hari over science project, culture poster and math quizzes. Brainstorming ideas, steering efforts, and getting him enthused. The child loved it. We reveled in it. There were moments of frustration and occasions of wars being waged, but with practice we are learning to maneuver around these barricades.

– “I will be so happy when my mommy comes back”, “I love my mamma a lot”, Ram kept chanting that mantra before I left on business travel. Honestly, both their cheek rubs, their wet kisses, and their clinginess are the best homecoming presents I can ever get. And it’s the countdown towards that tenderness that motivates me to pick up the luggage and wave goodbye with a smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach.

– I am very proud of my kids at culture class. We celebrated our culture day by having kids present on national leaders. The kids were enthusiastic, wanted to impress and took the initiative to practice. It was such a joy to see them shine in class.

– Contributing to the PTA at Hari’s school by editing the monthly newsletter. I have the highest respect for this association, so much of learning for the kids comes from activities that the PTA organizes and I am beginning to realize that it’s one of the biggest variables in determining how good a school is. I have always wanted to contribute in some form or manner and have been guilty of hiding behind my work excuses, but an opportunity cropped up and I hope to be able to contribute in my own small ways.

That’s it for now. Hope all is dandy in your part of the world. Let me know what you have been upto!

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