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Sunday night

I am settled in my happy place, the bottom bunk bed, with laptop perched on my bent knees, clearing my work inbox in preparation for the work week. From time to time, Hari is passing me Calvin and Hobbes, the book he has chosen for bed time reading, from his top bunk bed. “Mama read the page where they are playing checkers”, “Mama did you get the joke on the other page”. I am not sure if I enjoy the comic strip or the shared interest in the comic strip more. Ram has gone to bed with his right hand covering his right cheek. The child attended a b’day party this afternoon, the first one that he got invited to from his buddy at school. The theme was The Frozen, and he had his right cheek painted with reindeer. He refused to rub it off, and he was placing his right hand in an act of protecting his cheek from any possible wiping against his will. “Not just today mommy, I don’t want you to wipe it forever.” I will pick that battle tomorrow, but today I let it go soaking in the innocence of it all.

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