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Art Show

The preschool that Ram goes to is a literacy and arts based program, so the curriculum is heavily geared towards arts and crafts. This morning his class had an art show, which showcased all the art projects that they have done as individuals and as a class since the beginning of the school year. There were drawings and paintings made out of rubber bands, crayons, glitters, and what not. His teacher had done a fabulous job of not only enrolling the kids in these activities but also turning them into an exhibition. Truly well done!

Of the several themes, one was on self portrait. Each kid had two drawings. One was done in the beginning of the school year and the other more recently. The two drawings clearly demonstrated the progress the kids have made over time. Ram’s self portrait in the beginning of the year was a circle with one eye and one stick for a nose and no body. He described it as, “Mama that is me with one eye going to a swim class”. The recent one looked more like a snowman, with a face that had two eyes, one nose, and a body, and two sticks for hands. He described it as, “And this is me flying like a bird mama.”

Every evening when I pick Ram, he has reams of papers with drawings on them. They all look the same to me. Not for Ram though, not in his mind’s eye. Each one has a story to tell. One day it’s about a trip to the beach. The other day, it’s about playing in the center park. And yet in another drawing, it’s story of the animals in the jungle. His eyes would light up, his thoughts racing, his words tumbling out and all about as he vocalises his vivid imagination. Talking a walk with him in his world of imagination is one of the things that I so look forward to at pick up time.

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