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Why, of course!

As we were driving back home catching up on the day’s happenings, Hari touched upon the topic of food. He casually mentioned, “I like dhalia at Hayden the most.” By dhalia he meant the broken wheat upma that we make at home, and Hayden is his after school program. I blinked. What? What is this child blabbering? What is the connection between dhalia and Hayden? and how can the words like and dhalia be in the same sentence when it’s coming from Hari because his dislike for dhalia is legendary. So on and so forth wandered my silly mind seriously dissecting that statement for those 20 seconds. “What do you mean dhalia at Hayden?”, I asked scratching my head. “Gotcha! Happy April Fool’s day mommy!”, said the 9 year old prankster naughtiness glinting in his eyes. Foolish me! Totally loved falling for it.

On that note, Happy April Fool’s Day. I sincerely hope you got fooled today!

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