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Bug bite

Drafted on April 25th

Happy to report that we have been bitten by the travel bug since last Thursday. We drove down to NJ to spend time at our friends’ place soaking in the company of their twin babies, fondly nicknamed as bananas by their feisty big brother. What a thrill to see two bundles – same gender, same upbringing – growing up to be two different individuals purely based on their personalities. On Friday we took a flight to Salt Lake City to visit Sathya, Wini, and Shraddha (my twin and his family). It was a joy to tap dance to the the tune of my little niece, pamper her, and generally get drenched in the cuteness of her antics. On Sunday the four of us took a road trip to Zion National Park in Utah and then headed to the Grand Canyon. A long and tiring day but the sights that awaited us made every second well worth it. We visited the breathtaking canyons on Monday and headed back to Sathya’s place midnight that night where we chilled out for the next couple of days. We are flying back to NJ as I type this post. We will spend some time with the bananas and their big brother before heading home, sweet home, tomorrow.

While we enjoyed the places, it is the people part of the trip that is always an icing on the cake for us. I am glad we got an opportunity to visit our family and friends who are more like family to us. All the more special as Sathya and I celebrate our 36 years of siblingness on Monday.

A much needed rested, relaxing, and refreshing vacation. Now we are ready to take on the full steam ahead.

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