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Salt Lake City

Drafted on April 25th

Surrounded by snow capped mountains, the beauty of Salt Lake City simply stuns you. You don’t need to drive for hours together to experience what the city has to offer. Just step out of your doorstep, find a spot that is slightly elevated, and lo behold, you are seeing nature at her best. What tranquility! You can spend all day just staring at the mountains.

SLC is known for skiing. I am not a skier but I learnt that the powdery snow at SLC has very little water content, making it ideal for skiing. SLC in general seems to provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities. The roads are bicycle friendly and the public transportation system is the third best in the US.

We chose not to do a bunch of touristy stuff but visited the Olympics museum, which like any other good museum inspired us and left us with goosebumps. The 2002 Winter Olympics was held in Utah, and the museum gave us a glimpse into what goes into the making of an Olympics event. So much of local pride is baked into this global event. Made sense as to why although economically it is not lucrative to host the event, countries vie with each other to proudly own it. A golden opportunity to showcase what your nation can offer to the rest of the world. I loved the narration and captions that supported the pictures and anecdotes in the museum. Truly well written, such elegant prose.

The trip to the museum was the highlight of our vacation for Hari, who later went to the Olympics rink for some skating fun. I am sure there will be a lot of gloating once school reopens – and why not, it’s not everyday that you get to skate in the Olympics rink!

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