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I have been trapped in the usual being busy-not having time-then finding time-but feeling lazy cycle for the past few weeks. Thanks to my parents for nudging me out of this cycle. A few days of not writing and I have forgotten how much I have enjoyed writing here.

I hope all is well at your end. We are keeping fine and dandy. The weather has turned around, which by itself makes a humongous difference to our day to day living. No more guessing game around whether or not the curd will ferment. No need to come through the garage door. And what is not to love about the fledgling herb garden?

The school year is wrapping up. We just figured out Hari’s summer camp plans. I am nervous and excited at the same time as we are enrolling Hari in part time camps only – a deviation from what we have done in the past. The goal is to provide him some structure within an unstructured framework this summer. Ram will be enrolled in his preschool for the summer as well.

I will come back to share a lot of other happenings in my part of the world but let me sign off today with a Hari katha and a Ram leela.

There was a discussion around career aspirations in Hari’s class, and when it was Hari’s turn his unsurprising response was, “I want to be a cricket player. My back up would be to become a halfpipe skier.” Back at home I added a twist to this discussion – “What if we said you cannot pick a sport,” I asked him curiously wondering what his back up to the backup profession would be. And he said, “I will be video gamer, and will start a company called Mango. Can you tell me a variety of mango?” Totally confused, I asked him, “What does a mango have to do with video games?” “Why not mom, if Steve Jobs can call his company Apple and produce a laptop called Macintosh, why can’t I start a company called mango and name my product after a variety of mango.” I laughed my heart out of course!

Little Ram was being extremely clingy. Just as I was about to step into the kitchen, he said, “Mama I want to play with you.” “I have to cook Ram, ask appa to play with you.” “But mommy, I do not want to play with a boy but I only want to play with girl who is medium sized” Ha, can you say that he has been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

With that tudlu for now.

4 thoughts on “Hiya

  1. Thanks Maha for the blog. I had burst into laughter at the replies of our Hari and Ram. am really proud a genius of Steve jobs caliber is born in our family.
    At times wonder how spontaneous the boys give answer,thought provoking and funny,as in the case of Ram.Please supply some more adjectives to praise them. I really cherish them.
    appa n Amma.

  2. Love your post, especially the hari katha and ram leela 🙂 I just read it to my family, and my parents who are visiting, and everyone laughed, so cute your boys are!! Wishing you much joy!


    1. Subha – so nice to hear from you. Hello to your parents, and I am glad the tales amused them! I just realized that I do not have your new blog in my feeds. Please do write more and often.

      On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 9:17 PM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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