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Let’s recount the little moments for this week, shall we?

– When we were visiting Zion park during our vacation last month, a fellow traveler commented – “It’s sad that people flock to Disneyland every year, but neglect the national parks.” She had a valid point. National parks are educational, cheap and plain fun. Best of all, you do your thing at your pace soaking in nature’s beauty. Beats Disneyland anyday (it’s fun too in a different way, but can get a little overwhelming beyond a certain point). That statement from a stranger inspired us to be on the look out for national parks in our region. This Memorial Day weekend, we visited a couple of islands close to Boston Harbor and uncovered how a piece of land could be put to myriad uses – in it’s early days, one of the islands was inhabited by the native americans, then it housed a number of factories, and at some point it became a dumping ground for trash (imagine an island covered with trash and trash only!) and finally regained its lost glory when it was converted to national park, where people could come to just revel in the surrounding beauty. The national parks website has a number of activity sheets attached to each of the designated national parks, so Hari worked on the ones associated with this island and earned two national park ranger badges. We learnt in the process of helping him.

– Hari’s before school math team concluded this week. He won the third place in his grade and his name published in the local newspaper. The math team provided the much needed challenge that his regular math at school did not offer. It taught him to show his work, the importance of reviewing his answers, and taking the time to comprehend the questions in its entirety. I loved what Hari recorded in his journal – “I am happy that I won the third prize but I think I can do much better.” Contentment bordering around aspiration rather than complacency.

– I finally got myself a bicycle. There are so many activities that Hari does that we are unable to join due to lack of skills – swimming, skating, skiing, and what not. I know to bike, and Da loves to bike. So why not make biking our family activity? I had forgotten how joyful riding a bicycle can be. Really thrilled and hoping to sneak in some biking time with Hari this summer.

– I have never had a journal or a diary. I discovered a one to my liking during my visit to Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks. Of course, I had to come home and order it online. The thing of beauty is here and I am looking forward to literally putting pen to paper.

That’s it for now. If you are willing to share yours, I am all ears!

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