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I Pledge

A friend had posted about a two-week detox diet program that a nutritionist is hosting for free via Facebook. God bless the nutritionist and the friend who shared this information! It could not have come at a better time for us.

The amount of junk, processed and convenience food in our meals have followed a geometric progression ever since we started family as a couple. The sheer variety, the cheap access, the addicting taste, and plain convenience made us oblivious to the long term impact of including such food in our daily diet. Only when my parents visited us for Hari’s delivery did I notice the stark contrast in our eating habits. While we seldom stock juices, sodas, and chips, we have been lavish with our intake of instant and processed food. I sense an inflection point in our eating habits over the past year – my fridge is no longer stocked with store bought chutneys, sauces or pickles, I don’t seem to be opening the freezer as often these days, the thought of making Kraft mac n cheese is not enticing, store bought rotis have lost their charm, and even eating out is losing some of its glamor. That is not to say that we have become health nuts or are buying all things organic. Far from that; just that we are beginning to pay attention to the little voice in our heads that’s nudging us to make some small positive changes in our diet.

The detox diet starts on June 2nd and goes on till June 15th. There is a list of things we are not suppose to eat, most of which is very doable but will require some planning. I know I will struggle with giving up tea, and milk. I am traveling for three days in this 15-day period, so sticking to this program will be a challenge. But I want to be committed and give it my best. I want to learn to differentiate the healthy from the unhealthy and inculcate good cooking and eating habits.

As part of the program, we have been asked to take a pledge. I wanted to record it here as another form of reinforcement. Wish us well. Da intends to join me in this program. I will be sure to share my learnings with you.

So here I go… I solemnly pledge that I will give my 100% to this detox prgm, I will make sincere attempts to not given-in to temptations. I am doing this for my own good and if I don’t do it NOW, it will never happen. Thank you Nutriage for giving me this opportunity to transform my health, I will make the best of it.

Off I go to plan the menu for this week. Tudlu, take care and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “I Pledge

  1. all the very best for trying out some method. Hope it works out well you may stick and continue with it.

    1. Thank you appa. Really looking forward to learning things that I can incorporate as part of our routine!

      On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 11:04 AM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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