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Gardening Experiment

This evening I worked on something that I have long dreamed of. Creating a small flower bed in our front lawn. This flower bed is our experiment with transplantation. We have planted a couple of rose stems from our flourishing rose bush and have planted a couple of \other perennials from the back lawn. Really eager to see how they will turn out! That is assuming that I will not get lost in the humdrum of life and let the poor plants languish.,

While I was experimenting with gardening in one corner, Hari and Ram were conducting their own experiment in the other corner. They created a habitat for the creepy crawlies that were spotted as I dug out. A shoe box layered with dirt, grass, and leaves. Collection for the evening include inch worm, pill bug, earthworm and couple of other crawlies whose names I don’t recall. It was super fun to watch them collaborate, divide and conquer and get excited over worms.

A couple of hours of the day well spent!

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