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Food for Thought

We are inches away from the finish line. The detox program is coming to an official end tomorrow and what an incredible journey it has been…!  The group was very committed and extremely supportive, with new recipes and exotic ideas being dished out by the enthusiastic members. And the nutritionist who led this program is a true inspiration. She led us every step of the way, gently guiding us when we felt overwhelmed, challenging us when we were getting cozy in our comfort zone, and putting things in perspective when we showed a tendency to go overboard. God bless her!

The program not only helped us get rid of toxins in our food but also got us thinking about toxins in cosmetics, toxins in plastics, and unhealthy distractions coming from social media indulgences.

Going in, my personal goal was not to see this as a two-week event but an experience that will help me make sustainable changes in our lifestyle.  I expected difficulty giving up tea and dairy. While I still feel the pull for caffeine in the evening, I think if I give it more time, I will get over the hump.  Here are some other things that I learnt.

  • Making healthy well balanced meal  is an important task. With so many competing priorities on one hand, and easy and cheap access to processed food on the other hand, it is often easy to underestimate the significance of cooking and let it slip.
  • Forget low fat, low carb, low sodium, no sugar. Too confusing, too misleading, too non-intuitive. My new mantra – minimize use of processed food, and sugar. Everything else, eat in moderation.
  • Replace regular honey with raw honey. White rice with brown rice. Canola oil with sunflower oil. Regular salt with sea salt. Some simple changes that will make a big difference.

I will start introducing dairy in my diet. I don’t intend to continue with my tea and cheese indulgences. I really would like for us to reserve eating out only for special occasions.  I am also slowly weaning ourselves from the use of plastic. I even carried a shopping bag for my groceries this week.

Change takes time. Change takes effort. Change takes determination. Keeping fingers crossed…!


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