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LMT post

The school year is winding down in our part of the world. So are the after school activities. More on that soon but here are some little moments for this week.

  • Ram experiences life in all its fullness. Lucky me, I get dragged along. “Shall we have a picnic snack mama”, “Do you want to go for a walk”, “Shall we go count the tomatoes.” If not for his spontaneous plans and the intensity with which he wants me to be part of it, I would live life a little less.
  • One of the perks of working from home is you get to pick a spot of your choice to work. For a small part of my work day, I tend to settle down in our backyard with the rose bush, which by the way is bursting with roses, within my periphery, and the wind chimes making music in the background. Love it…!
  • I don’t consider myself a cook. As in, I am not as passionate about cooking. I detest deep frying. I don’t have the patience for sweets. Baking is fine, but that’s high maintenance too. But I have finally found my niche in the kitchen – making accompaniments…! That’s my new found interest – making salad dressing, hummus, salsa, pickles, and chutneys.
  • Da wore his suit from our wedding reception probably for the first time after our wedding. Opened up a treasure trove of memories – our wedding and our initial years of marriage. How much we have changed and how much our relationship has evolved over the years!
  • I avoid paperwork in all forms and shapes but couldn’t run away from a couple that were due for the kids this week. And strangely filling those forms, and handing them over at the counter made me feel like I am more involved with the kids’ lives. A lot of life happens while fulfilling day to day chores.

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