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School ends

Drafted on June 24

And just like that another school year has come to an end.

Ram had a graduation ceremony today as he is moving from lower to upper school in his pre-school. His teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up and his answer was “a drawer”, as in an artist. This has been a big year for Ram, moving from a small home based care to a more formal preschool. He has come a long way – from pull ups to underwear, from singing alphabet songs to recognizing and writing them, and his vocabulary has exploded.  His nap time teacher gifted a small pillow that says, “Good Night Love Muffin”, apparently that’s what she whispers to him at nap time. His room teacher made a customized book for each kid in her class that recounts what happened over the course of  the year and ends with an introduction to their teacher for next year. They do put a lot of thought into helping kids have a smooth transition.

Hari brought home a bag load of materials from school. Unlike in India where kids follow a prescribed textbook, no such practice here, at least not in the elementary school. For the most part, learning happens at school and is fairly hands on with very little memorising.  His progress report showed good progress compared to the earlier term. As part of his writing workshop, he brought home a book that he wrote on ABCs of Third Grade that extensively covers all the things that he learnt in third grade summed up in alphabetical order with his own  illustrations to support the text. His writing journal also showed the creative side of him – they had to write about something that they dislike and that turned out to be the ugly brussel sprouts. On the topic of It cracked me up. In history, they learnt a lot about local history, and the civil war. Science was purely based on experiments – smelling, observing, and predicting. Math was fairly rudimentary but I know Hari had fun with FastMath, a software based math program.

Overall, happy and thankful that the kids had a good academic year. Although it may seem like we have years left before they fly out of the nest, we all know how quickly time fleets…!  With that thought in mind, we are stepping into summer. Hari’s week is filled with play dates and Ram will be heading back to his home based care for a couple of weeks before his preschool reopens.

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