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LMT post on a Friday

Time to visit the little moments from this week…

– Shopping at H&M. I love, love, and love H&M clothes. I promised myself that if I lose some pounds I will treat myself to goodies from this store. Well, losing weight is not happening. So instead of an indulgence, I settled down for a pair of shirts on sale. I had to swallow my pride while picking up the right size for me, but really the shirts are worth the bruise to the ego.

– Getting a nice warm embrace from my previous boss. She was not only my boss, but also a mentor. Her drive and result oriented approach has always inspired me. Hopefully, the lessons I have imbibed from her will stay with me.

– Once a glutton, always a glutton. I could not stop eating the four days I was away on travel. My company kept feeding us with all these exotic dishes. What? did I hear someone say detox? what detox? Suffice to say I am rounder and chubbier than a week ago. While I am embarrassed of my gluttony and inability to break free from it,  honestly, the food was delicious and I savored every bite of the lots of bites that I took…!

– Felt very fortunate to have an opportunity to work in a very nurturing environment. People leaders who say it’s ok to stumble, who advise you to stretch yourself, to be comfortable with discomfort, and encourage you to invest in your personal development. Truly humbled..!

– I peeped through the bedroom door expecting the little tykes to be drifting off to la la land, what do I see instead? Hari intently reading a comic book, with Ram hovering over him connecting the pictures to frame a story. Each kid lost in his own world, silently. I stood there taking it in, until Ram sensed my presence. Then we screamed, hugged, kissed, and talked and talked.

– Watching Sherlock Holmes with Da. We watched House of Cards for a few weeks and then could not take it any longer. The show left us feeling unpleasant and with a bitter taste. Sherlock Holmes is a nice welcome change.


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Taming the monkey mind

Drafted on July 24th

I am typing this post seated comfortably in the Acela train, returning after a four-day business trip. The view outside is breathtaking. The lush green trees and the placid lakes are enticing me to stay in the present while the monkey mind is in steroids, wandering in a million directions, wanting to boil the ocean all at once.

Want to take a peek into the gazillion thoughts swirling in my head? Here it goes – I should catch up with work emails? May be I will do that after I check my gmail account? I have become tardy in my responses and I don’t like that. Why not open a tab simultaneously and catch up on FB gossip? And then take a look at news? And gosh how long it has been since I wrote something on my blog. So many things to write about. Tomorrow I should catch up with appa, amma and Sathya. What’s on our plate for the weekend? Plate reminds me of ice cream. Homemade ice cream at J’s house was yum, yum and yum. Should try my hands on making ice cream at home someday. Ha, Hari and Ram would love that and may be I can even enroll Hari to join Ram and me – can’t wait to cuddle up with the little tykes.  Shame on me for boarding the wrong train – that too one hour late– seriyana Sabathi naan! Well, atleast I boarded the right destination and the conductor did not shoo me out of the train or ask me for more money, something to be thankful about. Pavam Da, must not have had any downtime. But he is any day better with the kids than I am. I should be more focused tomorrow and be productive so work does not spill over the weekend. What camps and activities do kids have for next week? Half the summer is gone. God, really where does time go? Hmmm, now if only the internet connection was not as sporadic…

Now that the monkey mind got its share of attention, it’s tamer and calmer. So if you will excuse me, I have to power down my laptop and go savor the gorgeous sunset and watch the world zoom by as the train takes me home, sweet home. Tudlu, take care!


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Summer updates

The first week of vacation, I lost my first child to play dates and sleepover. The child was over the moon immersing in the company of his buddies. The second week, he was enrolled in tennis camp and swim lessons for part of the day. The rest of the day was spent teaching himself to rollerblade, watching soccer world cup, reading, and generally finding joy in his company.

The second child did very well settling in his old day care while the mom and the caretaker had some starting trouble. I was surprised by how much Ram remembered from last year – “Mama, there is a lot of food in Sunny Sprouts, so let’s not pack snacks” “I will play with the fire engine and pretend food there.” Ram is enjoying himself at the daycare but is also looking forward to reopening of his preschool this week.

We are paying visits to the town pool this year. Hari couldn’t wait to use the diving board. “I was excited amma, but when I went closer I was scared. Then I pushed myself to dive in spite of it.” Yes child, that’s the secret to learning and growing – getting comfortable with discomfort and pushing yourself to aim higher than your reach, I thought to myself. Ram, on the other hand, is reluctant and extremely cautious around water. I can relate to that fear, since I am not a big fan of getting wet either.  So as parents, we will work with him on that discomfort, overcoming ours in the process.

Coach Hari has been coaching me to catch baseball with a mitt. We have been practicing for 10 mins every day and Hari seems to think I have come a long way…! “Mom, I think you are so good that you can coach pre-ball. And what I love about you is you play with a smile….”, and after a pause, he turns to me and asks “you were not faking that smile, were you?”  And it’s precisely for conversations like these that I make the effort to like something that I am totally indifferent about.

Hari and Ram are signed up for reading challenge at the library. For little Ram, the target is to read for 15 mins every day and fill up a square. Once he finishes 15 hours of being read to, he earns a toy. The child proudly dragged me to the bookshelf and pointed to a paper leaf on which his dad had written his name. “Look mama, my name is over there” The second we check out a book, he plonks himself on the near by couch and starts looking at the illustrations with a keen eye that is wonderstruck, developing the story in his head. And then he gets immensely curious, “Mama what do the words say here? can you please read it to me.” Tugs my heartstrings every single time. Hari’s challenge is to finish 10 books from different genres ranging from history to poetry during the break. He has not started working towards the challenge but he has been devouring the Lemony Snicket series since the start of the break.

On to third week.