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LMT post on a Friday

Time to visit the little moments from this week…

– Shopping at H&M. I love, love, and love H&M clothes. I promised myself that if I lose some pounds I will treat myself to goodies from this store. Well, losing weight is not happening. So instead of an indulgence, I settled down for a pair of shirts on sale. I had to swallow my pride while picking up the right size for me, but really the shirts are worth the bruise to the ego.

– Getting a nice warm embrace from my previous boss. She was not only my boss, but also a mentor. Her drive and result oriented approach has always inspired me. Hopefully, the lessons I have imbibed from her will stay with me.

– Once a glutton, always a glutton. I could not stop eating the four days I was away on travel. My company kept feeding us with all these exotic dishes. What? did I hear someone say detox? what detox? Suffice to say I am rounder and chubbier than a week ago. While I am embarrassed of my gluttony and inability to break free from it,  honestly, the food was delicious and I savored every bite of the lots of bites that I took…!

– Felt very fortunate to have an opportunity to work in a very nurturing environment. People leaders who say it’s ok to stumble, who advise you to stretch yourself, to be comfortable with discomfort, and encourage you to invest in your personal development. Truly humbled..!

– I peeped through the bedroom door expecting the little tykes to be drifting off to la la land, what do I see instead? Hari intently reading a comic book, with Ram hovering over him connecting the pictures to frame a story. Each kid lost in his own world, silently. I stood there taking it in, until Ram sensed my presence. Then we screamed, hugged, kissed, and talked and talked.

– Watching Sherlock Holmes with Da. We watched House of Cards for a few weeks and then could not take it any longer. The show left us feeling unpleasant and with a bitter taste. Sherlock Holmes is a nice welcome change.


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