There’s a cricket match in town

This has been a landmark year for the desis in our town. For the first time ever, a youth cricket league has  been formed. If this wasn’t groundbreaking enough, the league is competing against other towns in our state. Needless to say, as a mom of a cricket crazy kid, I am thrilled that my child gets to play more than just galli cricket. The team had their first match last Sunday and they tied with a far experienced rival. Go team LCL…!

Kudos to the person who had the foresight to create something from scratch and take it to the next level. He has poured in a lot of time and energy to make this happen. I am incredibly grateful that it happened at the right time for Hari.

After watching the recommended cricket practice videos on youtube, Hari was practicing his bowling this afternoon – using a trash can as a stump – “Amma, did you see that? I bowled a yorker?”, “Amma, did I chuck the ball this time?” and on and on he went. As my eyes darted between my laptop and his bowling, I felt an admiration for him. It is one thing to be passionate about something, it is another thing to be willing to put in the efforts. Today for Hari that passion is cricket. Who knows what it is going to be tomorrow? Whatever it is, I hope he gets to live it!


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