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Summer ends

This is the last week of summer break. A feeling of anxiety permeates me. I can sense it – the scrambling around, the chilly weather, the deadlines, the pesky germs, and the shorter days. They are just around the corner and they will be here sooner than we think. 

This summer has been about slowing down.  Just work and kids, I promised myself. I was true to my word, but what I realized was stepping down on other commitments does not necessarily translate into stepping up with the kids. I had to consciously make efforts to use the time freed up to do things that I wanted to do rather than crowding it with things that I have to do. Sometimes I succeeded and at other times I failed miserably. This summer, I detoxed, hosted our immediate family, traveled on work, decluttered a bit, stepped up my contribution to the household chores, learnt new recipes, and generally hung out with kids a lot. And did I tell you that we had to deal with a lice outbreak at our house? Trust me, you don’t want to be dealing with one! Suffice to say that I spent two weeks of summer washing and combing. Not fun at all.

Hari read, read, and read like there was no tomorrow. He played a lot of baseball, cricket and chess. He also managed to squeeze half hour of video games and watched some sports every day. He got into the rhythm of writing in his daily journal. He had play dates one and off and went to part time camps. He enjoyed the leisure and I loved having him around the house.

Ram adjusted remarkably well between his old daycare and preschool. He shed some of his terrible three behavior, and we saw his personality bloom this summer. A little on the shy side, he put himself out there making friendships with kids he has not met before.  He got more comfortable with playground structures and dreaded water a little less. And of course, he continued to delight us by just being him. 

Da had an eventful summer switching his job. He has been working long hours. All of us are adjusting to the new routine and miss him very very much. 

So that’s the summer news at our end. Stay calm and march on, that’s going to be my mantra for the next few days.

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