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How could I have not mentioned the weekly biking that Hari and I did during the summer in my last post? Remember that I bought a bike late spring this year? While my grand plans of biking two to three times per week did not materialize, Hari and I went biking almost every Saturday. 

Where do I even begin about what I loved about our weekly biking. Is it the exclusive time that Hari and I shared? or is it the sheer joy of being outdoors, closer to nature, and soaking in the feeling that life is good, even if it lasts only for those precious few minutes? or is it realizing that we are capable of committing to something and seeing it through?

Let me tell you one thing though. Even for something that we enjoyed so much, taking the bikes out did not come naturally. There was always some excuse. There were things to do and places to go. We were tired. Can we do it tomorrow may be? It took effort to shut all these voices down, and loudly proclaim that we will bike atleast as much as we did last time.

As they say, there is no glory like the glory of illusion…! The million dollar question is how far are you willing to go when the illusion turn into a reality.

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