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LMT Time

Happy moments for this week include: 

  • Singing Kurai Ondurm Illai with M.S. on Janmashtami. The perfect antidote for a restless mind that was aimlessly wandering around in all directions. 
  • Catching a glimpse of my little niece disguised as Krishna. All decked up with vangi, udyanam, chutti, bangles, with Krishna-like naughtiness glinting in her eyes.
  • Hearing a kid from the rival team come up to Hari and say, “Are you the guy that took seven wickets yesterday? That’s impressive. I am a decent bowler and I can’t do that. Good job!” I think for a few split seconds Hari defied gravity and floated in the air. And yes yes, Hari took six wickets in one game over the weekend, what with a hat trick thrown in the mix…!
  • Overhearing kids’ conversation. “What’s the matter anna? why are you sad?” Hari who was very sad from losing a game of chess was delighted that his little brother had noticed. “Anna just wants some TLC from baby kutti. Can you give anna a hug and a kiss to make me feel better?”
  • Ram getting ready to go to bed with an eye patch around his forehead, pirate hat covering his head, and a treasure chest in his hand. “You can’t go to bed like that Ram,” says Da to which the child gives a simple but a confident response. “But I really like it!” As if to say what better reason do you need to make an exception? Nice try kiddie, but we are not succumbing to the cuteness. 
  • Movie night at the library. Armed with dinner from Panera Bread, and blanket to cosy up, Ram, Hari, two of Hari’s friends, and I went to the library to watch E.T. Pure priceless fun…! 

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