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Sue sews Sue’s socks

Lost in thoughts I was loading the dishwasher in autopilot mode until Ram came upto me with unadulterated excitement in his voice. “Mama, mama, do you know fox and box rhyme.” “Right Ram fox and box rhyme,” I replied rather nonchalantly until a couple of seconds later it hit me that the concept of rhyming words is brand new for this eager beaver who has just started playing with words.  Dragging myself out of my made up world, I extended the conversation. “Yes, FOX and BOX rhyme Ram just like how HOUSE and MOUSE rhyme.” 

Since then as we go about our usual business, Ram and I would call out for each other every once in a while and toss a string of rhyming words that catches our fancy.  We would nod and grin, and share a connection over this silly gimmick. During our recent trip to the library, we greedily borrowed whatever Dr. Seuss books we could lay our hands on. We read our favorite – Fox in Box – a gazillion times and laughed heartily every single time. Dr. Suess is quite the genius, wreaking havoc with words!. The title of this post is borrowed from the said book. Try saying it aloud with your little one, and I guarantee you that you will break into peals of laughter. 

This morning Hari and I were in a mood for some Dr. Seuss fun. I told Hari, “What do you think of this Hari – Horrible Harry howls at hungry Hari. May be you could try out something like this for your journal today.”  The mental wheels started whirring fast. A pen in hand and his Dark Knight journal on the table, the child thought and thought and whipped up the below:

  • Ten twirling twirlers twirl in the twinkling twilight
  • Eight edible eagles eat eighteen eel eggs
  • Nine nocturnal nerds nibble on nesting birds and curds 

Wading through the world of witty words is wonderful, isn’t it?  

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