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Back to school

Hari will be entering fourth grade tomorrow, which means that this is his fifth year in elementary school and in another two years, he will be off to middle school. No matter what math I do, the numbers tell the same story – that he is one year closer to flying off the nest. That now is the time to hold on, so that when the time comes, we can let go with grace and savor the beauty in that phase.  

Enkay brought my attention to this article a couple of days back. It’s about developing a mindset that will boldly embrace one’s weaknesses, that will see failure as a path to growth, and it fosters the belief that we all start from zero, and that nothing is rocket science to a mind that is willing to learn. The article resonated and is a school of thought I truly subscribe to.  

So Hari, as you start your school year tomorrow, know that we are our own person with unique strengths and weaknesses. While it will be tempting to only do things that you are good at, there is something about facing your weaknesses right in the eye and giving it a run for the money.  It’s ok to have weaknesses, it is not ok to let that define your choices. Remember that glory is not in never falling but rising every time you fall. Can’t wait to be part of your learning and growing this year. Love you lovey love. Having you putter around the house this summer meant more than what you can imagine….! Lots of hugs, and best wishes coming your way from appa and amma. 

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