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LMT last week

Drafted on Sept. 11

Remember I told you about the storm? It’s raging in full force and better still, it is not expected to abate for some time now. The storm that is the beginning of the school year. It feels like we are running a marathon relay race chasing one activity after the other, one deadline after the other, with no finish line in sight. Such is this phase of life! Like Indra Nooyi said your family, your job, and your commitments, want you at once. They are a package.  And I say, grab them when you have a chance because the offer comes with an expiration date.

On that reflective note, here I am reflecting further on the little moments of this week.

  • Having woken up bright and early at 3:30 A.M. for an early morning flight, I sat by the window, mourning the loss of beauty sleep until I opened the shutter on a whim. Lo behold, what a breathtaking view!  As the plane weaved in and out of the cotton like white fluffy clouds, the moon was receding into the background as the sun worked its charm, painting the sky in hues of blue and pink.  If this was not enough to make my day, a nice rainbow danced merrily by one of the wings taking me to the edge of my seat. Dawn/dusk has to be the most magical part of the day and sunrise/sunset the crown jewel of nature’s beauty!   It’s a silly incident but it made me realize what a disservice we do to ourselves when we anguish on what could have been instead of soaking in the beauty of what is.
  • Kindness from strangers touched my life this week. Reinforced my belief that a compassionate word, a helping hand, and a pat on the shoulder are some of the finest gifts you can give and receive.
  • Indian Sunday school started last Sunday. I can’t wait to get to know the children in my class and be part of their learning experience. It was nice exchanging life’s happenings with other teachers, pulling the librarian uncle’s legs, and  hi-fiving the high school volunteers. I really do experience a bit of India every Sunday when I am with this community.
  • TGIF. The weekend could not have come soon enough although we all know it will pass in the blink of an eye with more scrambling around than during the week. But hey, it’s the weekend!
  • The angst followed by relief. That’s the cycle I go through every time there is a business trip. And the story never gets old, thank god for that. Some separation, not a lot just a little bit, every once in a while is not a bad thing after all. It shakes me off my complacency towards Da, makes me hug my children tighter, and spend time intentionally with them. My gratitude quotient goes up a notch higher, albeit briefly, following a trip.
  • Attended b’day parties. Simple gathering with close friends. A much needed pause to the running around. Hurray to that.

Chalo, take care you all…! We are already in the middle of Sept. Can you believe that?

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