Broccoli Battle

Eyes brimming with tears, his throat choking with overwhelming sadness, the four year old came up to me and said with a tone of accusation, “Mommy, you hurt my feelings today”

Now now, don’t rush to make assumptions. I did not spank him. I did not scold him. Why, I did not even as much cast a cold glare! All I did was told him in no uncertain words that he should eat his broccoli, whether he likes it or not. And that led to the said hurt feelings. Who would have thought, huh?

Hari who had just received a earful from me for not keeping up with his routine tasks picked up the broccoli battle with his little brother to win brownie points with me. “Look here Ram, anna ate broccoli and that made anna strong. Now do you want to grow up to be a strong man?”, pointing to his arms, he added, “Do you want to have muscles like anna?”, and the little brother nodded all through the conversation. “Then you have to eat broccoli all by yourself, okay Ram?” Brushing his “hurt” feelings aside, Ram got the broccoli from me, and gave a conditional acceptance to eating the vegetable “Don’t give the stem to me mama, ok?”

Mighty pleased with himself, Hari headed to the bathroom. A smile played on his lips. A smile that was mixed with pride and that said “Don’t antagonize me. My sibling power can come in very handy. “

Never a dull moment here and the drama goes on and on.

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