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Cooking with a twist

A couple of years back, it was about learning how to saw a tree. This summer, it was about trying his hands on masonry. Now what? It’s time to figure out how to repair the cooking gas range. Home ownership in the US is primarily about two things – big fat monthly mortgage checks, and how willing are you to acquire new skills and become hands on. Da is becoming quite the versatile Mr. Fix It of our house!

Our cooking gas range went kaput last week. A visit by the appliance service provider did more harm than good. He charged us heftily for consultation, shut the gas supply citing hazardous situation, and worst of all, misdiagnosed the problem and suggested replacement of cooking range. Thanks to google and youtube, Da was able to meddle with the appliance and salvage it, saving a deep hole to our pockets. Keeping fingers crossed.

After moaning, groaning and being in denial for a few days, there is a part of me that is now thrilled. You see we bought a induction stove to keep us going while we are waiting for the replacement parts. The challenge is two -pronged – firstly, we have downsized from four burners to one burner, and secondly, there are very limited pots and pans that are induction friendly. So we are embracing minimalist cooking, pulling out underutilized Calphalon utensils and cast iron tavas, and cooking one pot meals. Quite fun actually to cook under a given set of constraints. Challenges you to get creative with your meal planning, and efficient with your use of utensils. If only the induction stove didn’t come with that white noise…!


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