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Thank god…

…. for little mercies. I stepped out of the cab after battling a bout of homesickness and motion sickness wanting to embrace all things that meant home to me.

  • the old but comfy green and maroon cotton salwar
  • the warm cheesy mac n cheese with hot and sweet maggie khetchup
  • nice hot ginger tea
  • laughing at jokes in Mindy Project
  • the golu lights that moved from the basement to the living room and the halloween decorations that are adding a touch of festivity to the house
  • the kids rushing up to me, talking over each other, vying with each other for some mommy love
  • catching up with Da, having some profound conversations around my epiphanies
  • finally opening Ram’s b’day presents, his eyes dancing with excitement
  • Hari coaxing me to read The House of Hades, and  The Blood of Olympus
  • playing family game and soccer with balloon
  • the house full of scattered toys, a sink full of dishes, the clutter, the imperfections
  • last but not the least, resting my feet on the bunk bed, typing away in the laptop, pouring my heart out, as I hear two of my favorite boys snoring away

You must be familiar with the story. So if you are rolling your eyes at the redundancy of my little moments, I understand and sympathize with you. But these everyday moments mean the world to me and recounting them here is my way of expressing gratitude and reminding myself to cherish them in the palm of my hands.

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