Little Moments for this week

Here’s the bonus edition of LMT for this week.

  • Beautiful Fall morning. Summer is beautiful when the day is sunny and balmy.  Fall, on the hand, is at its best when the day is foggy, cloudy or drizzly. As I opened the door to see Hari off to his Math team this morning, the sight of the neighborhood bursting with colors made my day even before it started. It would have been a crime to not soak in it, so off I went on a nice brisk walk, drunk in the beauty that surrounded me..!
  • What is Fall without leaf peeping. The kids and I took a stroll this Tuesday collecting different shades of leaves – the yellow with green border, the bold pink one, the brown dried leaf, and the orangish red one. Searching through the several piles, and looking for a unique one gave us much delight…!
  • Day off on Tuesday. Visit to the temple, going to the park with the kids, playing with playdoh… priceless indeed…!
  • Got appreciated for my visualization skills at work. Meant much although truth be told, I was only being a savvy smartart powerpoint user, which is rudimentary compared to sophisticated data visualisation tools that’s out there. Data visualization finally makes sense; it is the art of coming up with the right visual to tell a story (think words cloud, heat map etc.), pretty much like using the right words to articulate a story, and I too want to be good at it.
  • Oh he looked so charming, handsome and distinguished. I could have kept my eyes fixed on him all day. He being the first born. Hari was dressed in white, red and black checked shirt and blue jeans for school picture day. The child who will wear only gym clothes magnanimously indulged me on the condition that he would take a change of clothes with him. “I can’t play soccer with jeans ma” – porum da, alti bulti, saying so  I tousled his hair secretly marveling at his growing up.
  • And the little mister, our little Ram, who loves getting dressed up insisted on wearing his formal shirt and a jumpsuit for his b’day party. “Mama I want to wear the pant that comes over my arms. I like it very much amma”.  Ha, he didn’t realize it was called jumpsuit, and he sported the flashiest smile wearing his new outfit, experiencing it to its fullest.
  • Reconnected with friends. The only comforting thing about becoming old is that you are not alone in it. There is a whole army of people growing old with you, fighting similar but their own battles.
  • Got a headstart to weekend chores. Laundry done. Dosai maavu done.

Ok tudlu for now. Weekend is just around the corner, hang in there…!


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