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The countdown for Christmas…

… has begun in our household. It’s Sunday night as I type this post. We are all carrying out our usual Sunday night  routine – Ram is tucked in, Hari is catching up with bedtime reading, I am clearing my work emails, and Da is catching up with some “me” time downstairs.  

In the background, I hear the fan humming and Ram having a monologue with his blue teddy, his toy for the night. All of a sudden the little peanut springs up from his bed with utter excitement, “Amma tomorrow is Christmas. Santa will come in the evening after I come from school and he is going to give the present I asked him.”  A smile slipped through the corner of my mouth. As much as I didn’t want to squash his excitement, I had to set the record straight and reset expectations. If not, no prizes for predicting my predicament tomorrow evening. So I said, “But kutti Halloween just got over. We are in the beginning of Nov. Remember Christmas is in December? We have to wait till the end of December for Christmas.” The child would have none of that, and he had his reasons, “But mama Christmas will come after it snows. It snowed today, so tomorrow is Christmas.”  

And that’s that. Convinced that he had convinced me, he turned to the other side wishing his anna and I sweet dreams. Tomorrow I will pick the conversation from where we left but for tonight dream on my sweet child.

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