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My Zen Masters

Who needs Zen masters when you have little kids to teach you the art of living?!


These days when I get upset with my 4 year old, he has a new way of coping with the resulting feeling of rejection. He would weep inconsolably for a few minutes and would instantly rush up to me for a tight  hug , “Mama hug me now. I am feeling so sad and upset. I want to feel better.” Just hearing those words aloud, having tangible evidence of his vulnerability, and sensing his genuine need to see me happy so he can be happy, would soften me over the edges, would make me see the situation through his eyes, and have a heart to heart with him. Little does the child realise that in an attempt to make himself feel better, he is helping me overcome my negativity!


One look at me and Hari would instantly knows if I am present or not. “”Oh no, you are preoccupied. I will come to you later”  or  “Mama, I am going to say something and I don’t want you to be preoccupied, so look at me, ok?” or “Amma can you listen to me with full attention please. I know when you are not fully listening.” Can reminders to be in the NOW get any louder or clearer?

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